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Sizing Details

First and Second War styles and fashions are a world away from modern clothing. It is important to follow the guideline to have the most authentic fit. Please measure according to the diagram and do so without shoes on. Do not go by your modern clothes to determine sizes or measurements.
The sizes are based on your body measurement and not the sizing of the garments.

Please note that the rise of the trousers is higher taking in the stomach not something the modern man is used to. The seat of the trousers are also much more generous. They will not fit you like a pair of 501s, neither do they cater for beer guts. Please be aware that if you take a 34″ jean, but your stomach is 38″, you will need to take a 38″ trousers. This will mean that the rest of the trouser is cut to accommodate the stomach and willy probably feel baggy in the crotch and seat.

The 1902 Servicedress jacket is a more box like cut than that 1822 pattern which is nipped in at the waist. Period photographs showing a tailored fit were done by hand stitching the seam in by the individual. The 1902 S.D   was  referred to as the ‘Bum Freezer’ due to  the short length.

Lastly, the windproof sizing is calculated based on being worn over layers of clothing such as a heavy jumper or jacket (battle dress). Please consider buying a smaller size if you only wish to wear over a light layer such as a shirt or vest.

Size charts for garments can be found below (click to enlarge)